Workplace health & safety inductions made easy

The easy and affordable online health and safety induction software solution. Helping you remain compliant and keeping your staff, contractors, and visitors safe.

Online Health & Safety Induction Software

Health and Safety is an important part of your workplace or organisation, and the task of administering compulsory inductions can be time consuming. WorkSite induction software removes the necessity to create complicated paper inductions by moving the entire process online, and with its flexibility can be used for a range of tasks from inductions to online training. WorkSite health and safety induction software features a simple to use but extremely flexible Powerpoint style editor, so creating your inductions and training programs is also simple and fast, and to ensure you have maximum engagement from your inductees you can include content like text, images, and video. Once the training part of your induction is complete you can create the induction questionnaire which once successfully completed will automatically generate a personalised induction certificate. WorkSite has been designed to be simple to use but very flexible, and the administrator’s dashboard lets you monitor progress at any time, from anywhere.

Online health and safety inductions

Why are health & safety inductions so important?

As an employer you are responsible for the health and safety of your staff and visitors so setting the tone as early as possible for expectations around this is very important. A great health and safety induction program is tailored specifically for the organisation and should include a full health and safety briefing, identification of risks and hazards, evacuation plans and procedures, location of important facilities, organisational policies, and much more. Health and safety or new employee inductions will protect both the employer and the employee, but must be done properly, so if you’re at all unsure of what should be included make sure you engage a trained and qualified health and safety professional.

Features and Benefits

Powerful online tools for health and safety induction & record management for your business.

Easy to manage

The simple to use administration panel allows you to quickly and easily manage inductions, users, and certificates

Multiple Questionnaire formats

Select from open or closed book style questionnaires with the super flexible and easy to edit management interface

Customise to reflect your brand

Insert your own logo and background image to reflect your very own unique brand or business identity

Powerful Reporting

understand everything about an induction from when it was competed through to how long it took to complete

Built-in Certificate Generation

Design your Induction Certificates that are automatically populated on successful completion of the induction

Mobile Friendly

Let you users complete their induction in their own time, even on the run! Looks and work great on mobile phones and tablets

Choose Your Plan

Powerful tools for induction & record management for your business.

For custom integrations, or enterprise level inductions please contact WorkSite for more information. Our solutions team can help you with integration for access control and other business specific applications.

Max. Inductions 100
$50 Month+GST
  • 1 Max. Induction types
  • Setup Cost $150
  • 1 Certificate design
  • WorkSite Configuration
  • Content Limit 150Mb
  • 2 Admin Users
Max. Inductions 250
$75 Month+GST
  • 2 Max. Induction types
  • Setup Cost $150
  • 1 Certificate design
  • WorkSite Configuration
  • Content Limit 200Mb
  • 3 Admin Users
Max. Inductions 500
$100 Month+GST
  • 5 Max. Induction types
  • Setup Cost $150
  • 1 Certificate design
  • WorkSite Configuration
  • Content Limit 500Mb
  • 4 Admin Users
Max. Inductions 1000
$150 Month+GST
  • 10 Max. Induction types
  • Setup Cost $150
  • 1 Certificate design
  • WorkSite Configuration
  • Content Limit 750Mb
  • 5 Admin Users
Online health and safety inductions
Health and safety is a major concern for businesses and organisations nationwide, so make sure you're not just compliant, but also using a system that will save you time and money. WorkSite Online Health and Safety Induction Software is 100% designed, made, and supported in New Zealand.

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