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The easy and affordable online health and safety contractor induction software solution. Helping you remain compliant and keeping your staff, contractors, and visitors safe.

Online Health & Safety Contractor Induction Software

Health and Safety is an important part of your workplace or organisation, and the task of administering compulsory inductions can be time consuming. WorkSite contractor induction software removes the necessity to create complicated paper inductions by moving the entire process online, and with its flexibility can be used for a range of tasks from inductions to online training. WorkSite contractor health and safety induction software features a simple to use but extremely flexible Powerpoint style editor, so creating your inductions and training programs is also simple and fast, and to ensure you have maximum engagement from your inductees you can include content like text, images, and video. Once the training part of your induction is complete you can create the induction questionnaire which once successfully completed will automatically generate a personalised contractor induction certificate. WorkSite has been designed to be simple to use but very flexible, and the administrator’s dashboard lets you monitor progress at any time, from anywhere.

“Working with NetValue was great, their “can do” attitude to assist us under the tight frames meant we were able to mobilise this safety induction for our essential volunteers without delay. Additional inductions were simple and quick to create and manage, consequently, we have added a Food Safety Handling Induction also” – A great service!
Hugh Stuart
IT Manager
Online health and safety inductions

Contractors are mobile - your induction software should be the same!

Ensuring that inductees can easily access and complete safety inductions from any device should be an important part of your health and safety commitment. A great health and safety induction program is tailored specifically for the organisation and should include a full health and safety briefing, identification of risks and hazards, evacuation plans and procedures, location of important facilities, organisational policies, and much more. Make sure your contractor inductions are easy to complete and manage on any device, and from any location. WorkSite is the perfect mobile solution to online health and safety inductions.

Online health and safety inductions
Health and safety is a major concern for businesses and organisations nationwide, so make sure you're not just compliant, but also using a system that will save you time and money. WorkSite Online Health and Safety Contractor Induction Software is 100% designed, made, and supported in New Zealand.

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